MicorMIG Compact Gas Cooled

MicorMIG Compact Gas Cooled

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MicorMIG Compact Gas Cooled
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These prices are for the compact air cooled machines only!

No-contact data transfer
The digital interface allows for effortless access and management of your power source thanks to Lorch’s NFC cards. The card management utility assists you in controlling user access rights, allows you to read and write jobs and makes upgrading as easy as can be.

End crater filling
End crater filling can be activated when necessary and ensures that the welding current is not cut off abruptly but, instead, lowered in a controlled manner. This feature gives the weld pool enough time to cool down, and the end crater is filled automatically with material when the welding current is rather low.

Dynamic control
The dynamic control feature lets you choose the arc characteristics you prefer. Depending on the operating panel you have selected, you can opt for dynamic levels that range from “soft” to “hard”.

Infinitely variable welding inverter
In contrast to conventional transformer systems, the machines of the Lorch MicorMIG series make it possible for operators to customise the current-voltage ratio in an infinitely variable manner, thereby allowing them to pick the setting that is perfect for their particular welding requirements.

Operating equally well with argon-CO2‚ mixed gas and 100% CO2‚ Lorch MicorMIG is perfectly equipped for international use.

Lorch’s Powermaster torch enables the welder to control all key parameters including operating points or dynamics right from the torch’s handle recess.

EN 1090-certified
As synergetic control and automatic setting control are built in, Lorch MicorMIG is guaranteed to produce welding results that are in conformity with the EN 1090. Combine your machine with Lorch’s special offer EN 1090 package as well as parameter setting control by NFC cards, and you are ready to handle any welding task they can throw at you.

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