Perfect Welding has a comprehensive range of welding equipment to help you get the job done. As well as portable options, we have welding kits, plasma cutters and MIG/TIG welders designed for a variety of applications, so you can always have the right tool for the job which are available for hire on a daily, weekly, monthly or long term basis.

Simply contact us here explaining what tools you need, for how long for and where you are based and we’ll find the perfect equipment and price for your needs.

Below are a few pieces of equipment we currently have available:


 CV42 LF33 TransPuls FastMig
CV42, LF33 MIG Packages
Weight: 341.7lb
Dimensions (mm) H 1310 X W 700 X D 1030
Output Rated CV Output Amps / Duty Cycle: 50 – 420 A 350 A/100% 420 A/60%
TransPuls Synergic MIG Packages
Weight: 77.6lb
Dimensions (mm) H 475 x W 290 x L 625
Mains Voltage: 3 x 400 V
Welding Current Range MIG/MAG: 3-400A
FastMig KM 300/MF 33 MIG Package
Weight of KM 300 Power Source: 75lb
Dimensions of KM 300 Power Source (mm) H 430 x W 230 x L 590
Weight of MF 33 Wire Feeder: 30lb
Dimensions of MF 33 Wire Feeder (mm) H 445 x W 240 x L 590


Dynasty Dynasty 350 Invertec
Dynasty 200 DX TIG Welders
Weight: 45lb
Dimensions (mm): H 343 x W 191 x L 546
Welding Amperage Range: 1-200 A
Dynasty 350 TIG Welders
Weight: 135.5 lb
Dimensions (mm): H 629 x W 349 x D 559
Welding Amperage Range: 5-350A
Invertec V205-T AC/DC TIG Welder
Weight: 39lb
Dimensions (mm) H 381 x W 216 x D 483
Rated CC AC Output Amps/Duty Cycle: 200/40%

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