Inverter Fusion 180MA 230v Arc Inverter Welder

Inverter Fusion 180MA 230v Arc Inverter Welder

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Inverter Fusion 180MA 230v Arc Inverter Welder

The high duty cycle units are designed for continuous welding with all types of electrodes including celulosic up to 4mm.
Welding performance is enhanced by the specially developed MSD automatic arc force, the hot start and anti stick down programmes being digitally controlled by our own exclusive software. This precise control ensures easy electrode ignition even with the most difficult of electrodes.

Large 360° encoder knobs allow precise adjustment even when wearing heavy welding gloves.

A clear digital display allows the required welding current to be selected prior to arc ignition, and then whilst welding displays the actual current employed during the welding process.
The LED panel display provides quick and simple selection of the MMA and TIG welding modes.

The Fusion 180MA, in common with the HF and PHF models, incorporates a forced fan wind tunnel design. This ensures highly efficient cooling and also prevents dust and dirt contaminating the electronics within the units, leading to high reliability and a long and trouble free working life.

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